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acmespaceship's Journal

20 March
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In a small stucco house in an upscale suburb of Chicago, a technical writer drinks her fifth cup of tea so far this morning and overcomes her fear of commitment (and self-imposed deadlines) to finally create a blog named after an APAzine she wrote long ago when she was single and childless and met her friends in person at gatherings in Rogers Park apartments lined with books and occupied by many cats who are all dead by now and replaced (in the writer's case at least) by new cats who are getting up there and won't last much longer themselves, and so we move forward into the 3rd generation of cats and keep the discussion going online. Hello, I am Lisa Golladay and this is The Acme Rubber Spaceship Company 2.0. I will probably not update this blog nearly as often as I think I ought to, so apologies in advance and don't say you haven't been warned.
baking, crochet, dulcimer, gustav mahler, origami, science fiction improv comedy, shakespeare, singing in the rain, the producers, tom waits, ukulele, warping time (if only)